Page Dresser is fresh & out of the box web development.

I'm Maciej Krysiuk - an Amsterdam based web designer & developer.

I make websites, portfolios, business online identities & webshops.


It is not original anymore to have your about and address available online

because for every website there is a number of others offering same services. To be noticed, your online presence need to stand out. Page Dresser provides solutions a step further than repeatable page templates. Don't adjust yourself to all-purpose pattern - let the web be tailored to the original you.

Custom-made design

Get a custom-made design and stand out on the internet. A style that represents your character will communicate your story better. Step out from the crowd of look-alike sites and be the first to reach the audience.

I can incorporate your visual ideas and turn them into a digital graphic design. I blend eye-catching dynamics with user friendly interaction.

Technical expertise

With a Computer Science degree and years of experience in IT, I know how to use the best technology to create an engaging product. I can realize original ideas, because I don't feel limits in the technical world.

Whether it's a small informational site, a full-blown webshop or a custom webapp, I can tackle the challenges and deliver a working solution. I'm open to hear nonstandard ideas and will jump through hoops to make them a reality.

Search engine optimization

Ok, so your website looks interesting and attractive, but do people know about it? And if they don't, how will they find it?

My mission is to deliver websites not just with a pretty face, but also with a solid structure underneath. I make sure that Google will know what the site is all about. I also do integration with social media. So that the word is spread.

Dedicated craft

I am a creative specialist, not a firm of marketeers and workers. I drive myself with the appeal of the end product rather than with contracts and invoices. I'm happiest when I'm creating.

Working with me is like ordering at a local craftsman, who's both the seller and the producer and identifies himself with the story of the product.



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